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Guru creates digital experiences for
museums, aquariums and zoos

They want to use
their phones, let them

Take what was once a distraction and transform it into an experience enhancing tool. One that is not only at the forefront of beacon and location aware technology, but that also incorporates intuitive design, features your unique brand and is extremely easy to use.
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Technology is cool. Content is King.


Stories are at the heart of our interactive experience. Each acts as an exciting and educational introduction with additional options for deeper dives.

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Augmented reality

Augmented reality blurs the line between what’s real and what’s imagined. It brings exhibits to life by pushing the boundaries of modern technology.

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Videos give every visitor V.I.P. access to interviews, behind-the-scenes, overviews, animations and more.

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Tours blend audio, video, games and augmented reality into one fun and interactive experience.

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Invite your guests to step into a painting, stand on a moving asteroid, or travel back to ancient Rome. Increase access to your guests with disabilities, allowing them to visit from the comfort of their home. Sell your big ideas effortlessly: let VR do the work of showcasing your ideas. VR—an otherworldly tool with a host of practical applications.


We're different. Here's how.

0$ upfront costs

We cover the entire cost
through the development stage.

We create the content

We know how busy you are,
so it’s our job to read,
research and visit to get
the details right.
We also interview your staff
and docents until we feel
ready to properly tell your
story. Plus, we offer translations
in several languages.

Long term partnership

We’re in it for the long haul.
We will continue working with
you throughout the life of the
product to create new tours,
highlight new exhibits and
continually enhance the
experience to make sure
everything stays up-to-date.

3 months timeline

Can’t wait to see this
in action? Our team works
quickly to create a
world-class experience
that’s ready to launch
in record time.

Bleeding edge technology

Worried that your new
experience will be
out-of-date in six months?
Don’t. With Guru, you’ll
always have the latest
and greatest technology.

Want to hear more about out story?

Working with the team at Guru in creating a completely personalized app for the Battleship Iowa has been a game-changing experience. Guru is the solution for fully connecting visitors with everything our ship has to offer.

- Jonathan Williams, CEO of Battleship IOWA

The Guru team continues to think out of the box and each one of them aspires to use technology in a way that creates emotional connections between the Museum’s content and the general public.

- Dieter Fenkart-Froeschel, COO of San Diego Museum of Art

The systems of a warship and its history is fairly complex. I was delighted to see how well the Guru employees absorbed Iowa’s story and managed to present it in a fun and entertaining way for our visitors’ additional enjoyment.

- DAVE WAY , Head Curator of Battleship Iowa

Now that we have the app up and running, the early results show that partnering with Guru was the right solution to bring the Battleship Iowa back to life and attract a whole new group of visitors while enhancing the experience of our traditional visitors.

- Jonathan Williams, CEO of Battleship IOWA

With a clean look, and easy to use functionality, the Battleship Iowa app looks great on your phone. Equally as impressive is the content.

- Jonathan Williams, CEO of Battleship IOWA

The [Guru] team displayed an intellectual curiosity, a maturity, and a charisma that have earned them the respect and appreciation of staff and trustees.

- Dieter Fenkart-Froeschel, COO of San Diego Museum of Art

The Guru application was the perfect state of the art solution in sharing Battleship Iowa’s story to our museum visitors. Our staff is extremely pleased with our new tour app and we would highly recommend Guru’s services to other museums.

- DAVE WAY , Head Curator of Battleship Iowa

Holding up my phone and seeing buildings from the past blew my mind. Not only that, but my kids LOVE the Danny Boy tour.

- Michelle, Little Italy SD App User

The museum app is wonderful, whereby one can be informed of the paintings/items in the room you are in (and refer to the text when you get home).

- Jan, San Diego Museum of Art App User

It was incredible seeing this massive ship come to life through veteran stories and historical photos. This app made the visit so much more than I thought it would be!

- Jason, Battleship IOWA App User

AMAZING experience, don’t visit the museum without it.

- Tiffany, Battleship IOWA App User

My husband does not like to read, and misses a lot because he cannot connect with the art piece without important information.  As a result he is usually bored and finds a place to sit while I enjoy the art. Your app changed that for him…he loved the fact that he now had a narrator/guide in his hand who not only provided information, but did it in an interesting and often humorous manner!  His experience that day was eye-opening and he had a wonderful time! 

- Sue, San Diego Museum of Art App User

I never had any idea there was so much to do here. This app is a life saver.

- George, Balboa Park App User

I was amazed that the app turned my phone into a virtual guide that was actually able to make me laugh out loud.

- Dana, San Diego Museum of Art App User

One question, why don’t all museums have an app like this? So fun!

- Marie, San Diego Museum of Art App User