Museum Apps and Volunteers: Top Three Concerns Museums Have

Three way to inspire volunteers to adopt new technology at your museum.   Museum Apps and Volunteers: Top Three Concerns Museums Have When we begin working with our partners, normally one of the biggest concerns is how docents or volunteers will interface with the app. Will volunteers be able to work the app? Will the […]

George Clooney Saved My Life…

And, Guru in Forbes! Read on to find out what George Clooney and a 17th-century cardinal have in common. Bonjour from the Cardinal! Augmented Reality Brings Art and History To Life “If you destroy an entire generation of peoples’ culture, it’s as if they never existed. That’s what Hitler wants. And it’s the one thing […]

GoFundMe Co-Founder Joins Guru’s Board of Directors

Guru Welcomes Andy Ballester, Co-Founder of GoFundMe, to Board of Directors We are excited to welcome Andy Ballester, Co-Founder of GoFundMe, to our Board of Directors. Andy has a passion for creating products that drive change on a massive scale. GoFundMe changes the way the world gives. Members of the GoFundMe giving community come together to support one […]

Guru Wins $100k From Qualcomm Ventures

San Diego’s #1 Startup Guru Wins $100k From Qualcomm Ventures   Guru wins $100k from Qualcomm Ventures at SeismicSD 2017!! Ok, we are back to tooting our own horn for just a sec. Forgive us! But seriously, we kinda need to take a moment. Pitching to a group of esteemed VC’s and successful founders at […]

#MuseTech Interview Series: Nik Honeysett

#MuseTech Interview Series: Nik Honeysett Hellooooo museums! We’re excited to begin a series of interviews with a few of our digital heroes in the museum and cultural institution world. Cuz it can’t always be about us, right? Our hope is to foster the sharing of ideas about tech in museums and challenges to its successful […]

Paul Shockley of Guru Talks AR/VR at OCTANe

How are Augmented and Virtual Reality Transforming Business? Paul Shockley, Chief Creative at Guru, joins panel at OCTANe’s Tech and Innovation Forum Joining other leaders in the field, Paul Shockley, Chief Creative at Guru joined the AR/VR panel at OCTANe’s Tech and Innovation forum. Shockley and the panel agreed that augmented and virtual reality need […]

Yup. It’s Confirmed. We’re Cool.

Guru Wins SDVG’s 2017 Cool Companies We thought we were pretty ok but the coolest?! Oh gosh. You’re making us blush! Thanks San Diego Venture Group! Things are moving so fast around here that we don’t often get time to reflect. But when you think about it, what we’re doing is PRETTY cool. On a […]

Too Good To Be True?

A Partnership Approach That Puts Your Museum’s Needs First Before we created Guru, we surveyed museums to understand what made an app useful or not. We found out that most museum apps were failing because they were an empty shell–glorified calendars that relied on busy museum staffers to update them. We realized that if museum […]

Make Your Visitor the Protagonist With Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Demo: Explore and Investigate Mysteries Beneath the Baptistery of San Giovanni Museums are beginning to see that interactive digital media is not meant to be an afterthought. It’s meant to be an integrated part of the museum program. As a great article from The Verge said, “For many institutions, the digital revolution has […]

Start your engines St. Louis…

Discover What Heights Interactive Digital Storytelling Can Take You To At AAM 2017! “Life is like a landscape. You live in the midst of it but can describe it only from the vantage point of distance.” – Charles Lindbergh Our favorite time of year is just around the corner! We are so excited to share […]