Augmented Reality

Blurring the line between what’s real and what's imagined.

While many worry that augmented reality is a temporary gimmick, Guru recognizes the opportunity. Correctly executed, AR is the greatest storytelling medium available for deeper learning, interactive engagement and memorable fun. We develop AR experiences with clear intentions and goals. Whether it's strengthening a theme, bringing a story to life, revealing a surprising fact, increasing merchandise sales or simply providing impactful entertainment, we always have a strategic goal in mind.

Guru has successfully launched over 100 AR experiences over the last 3 years. Combining our proprietary technology with the best programs such as Unity, ARKit, ARCore and more, we enable ultimate creativity and endless possibilities. All of the AR experiences that we develop work across both iOS and Android platforms. We also choose the most appropriate and effective triggers to launch our AR experiences including 2D targets, 3D targets, model targets, ground plane recognition and location recognition.

See Augmented Reality in Action.