Deadpool Does AR Right: 4 AR Tech Strategies that Work for Every Organization

Deadpool, Marvel’s red-suited mercenary with an affinity for crude jokes and regrowing limbs, is Guru’s AR hero. Yeah, you heard that right. Why? That’s because the Merc with a Mouth is an experience-building whiz when it comes to the strategic use of AR. Earlier this month, Deadpool and 7-Eleven teamed up to provide interactive AR […]

Data & You Part 2 How Data Can Decrease Membership Churn and Increase Retention

Membership churn can tell you a lot about the health of a museum, zoo, or aquarium’s relationship with its members. High membership retention signifies visitors are getting the most out of their enrollment and finding engaging events and exhibits. However, maintaining a high membership retention can be expensive. This is where data comes in. How […]

Data & You Part 1: How Data Can Help You Lower Visitor Acquisition Costs

Data. It’s a small word but can make a big difference between a successful acquisition campaign or a waste of funds. So how do cultural institutions use data to create impactful and efficient acquisition strategies, generate revenue, and build better visitor experiences? In this article series, the financial and data analytics experts here at Guru […]

Announcing the Guru-Powered Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Mobile Tour!

Guru is proud to introduce The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway mobile tour! With GPS-mapping, wayfinding beacon technology, engaging audio tours, videos, and augmented reality features, the sky’s the limit with our high-flying partner! Content Overviews: Whether visitors are fascinated by Palm Springs wildlife, daring tales of rescue, or the mechanics behind the high-flying tramway, the […]

Check out Our New Look.

Guru-Powered apps get an upgrade in functionality and style. Guru is excited to announce the launch of our new User Interface platform and can’t wait to show it off. But this change wasn’t just about looks. It comes on the heels of years of museum and visitor surveys, research and testing. The result is a more streamlined and easy-to-use app experience […]

What Pairs Well With Augmented Reality?….Wine! And Learning!

19 Crimes Wine is the Latest Example of How AR Can Increase Engagement and Sales What do exiled British convicts, zombies, and a soft red blend with vanilla aromatics and hints of cedary spice have in common? If you guessed the color red…well, point to you. The answer is…augmented reality! It all starts (as some […]

Meet Alenna Gatti, Our Director of Sales & Partnership Guru!

Coming to us from New York City, Alenna Gatti brings her keen eye for sales strategy, tech world savvy, and business acumen (not to mention a fabulous fashion sense) to the Guru team. In her role as Director of Sales for creative agencies and content marketing companies, Alenna cultivated strong partnerships, action plans for sales […]

#ArtTwins: Google Proves Mobile Tech Can Make Art Go Viral

Have you been seeing a lot of this in your social media newsfeed lately? Or this? Or even this? If you’re wondering what’s been going on with the deluge of selfies paired with portraits, look no further than Google’s Arts and Culture app, the latest example of how technology can bridge cultural institutions to a […]

Meet Our New Storyteller Guru, Lexie Sharabianlou!

Lexie Sharabianlou’s love for storytelling is as boundless as her last name is long. After graduating with distinction from the University of Edinburgh’s Masters in Literature program, Lexie went back to her hometown in the Bay Area to teach and design English, History, Spanish, and Creative Writing high school courses. She loved finding new ways […]

Get to Know Our New AR/VR Guru, Kevin Lindmark!

Kevin Lindmark’s fascination with technology and building advanced and innovative media experiences goes as far back as kindergarten–while other kids wanted to play video games, Kevin was already building them. Kevin’s technological expertise has been honed by his passion for game development as well as his years working in the tech industry as everything from […]