Active Learning with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality · December 5, 2018

Active Learning with Augmented Reality: AR & Education Part 3

Whether giving visitors the pilot’s view of a historic cockpit or inviting them to step inside an ancient home, augmented reality can be an essential tool for an active learning experience.

Keep Them Wanting More
Augmented reality experiences can be more dynamic than just looking at a picture and seeing it move. AR’s can be embedded with multiple media experiences such as location-aware effects, videos, and other interactive elements, giving your visitors multiple engagement opportunities.

Take a look at a few examples of how AR can expand learning into an ongoing discovery!

Ming Dynasty Courtyard House 

The Ming Dynasty Courtyard House AR Experience allows visitors to learn about daily life for an upper-class Ming family by stepping into their home. Visitors can move around a three-dimensional courtyard, explore 3D animations of typical domestic scenes, and tap those scenes to hear about Ming history and culture. But what makes this experience so immersive? The location-based sound! As visitors move their devices around the experience, they’ll be able to hear the clinking of cups and sounds of laughter getting louder as they near a courtyard with Ming women enjoying tea. Or visitors may move towards the sound of a dog barking and catch a glimpse of a traditional Ming pet racing around the gardens. This experience’s extensive and immersive features encourage visitors to explore, engage, and learn.

Click Here for the Full Ming Dynasty Courtyard House Experience!

Spirit of St. Louis

Guru’s Spirit of St. Louis AR combines videos, augmented reality, and virtual reality to provide visitors with a continuous and dynamic learning experience. Once the AR is triggered, a 3D model of Spirit of St. Louis appears on the visitor’s device. By selecting the “explore” mode option, visitors can tap different icons around the plane to watch educational videos or even get “inside” the plane with a VR-lite experience of the actual cockpit! Visitors can also activate 3D animation by selecting “Start Engine” and watch as the plane’s propeller comes to life.

Click Here for the Full Spirit of St. Louis Experience!

AR learning experiences can be game-changing learning tools for cultural institutions. Presenting educational material through interactive AR experiences can inspire and engage visitors as well as forge connections across generations.

Engaged visitors means…

More Social Sharing

Increased Membership

Increased Community Awareness

More Incentive to Donate

Increased Museum Store Visits

And that’s it for our AR & Education series! Want to know more about Guru-powered educational AR experiences? Check out our Augmented Reality page or explore our other Immersive Content! Want to catch up on the series? Click to find Part One and Part Two!