Announcing the Guru-Powered Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Mobile Tour!

Press · March 13, 2018

Guru is proud to introduce The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway mobile tour!

With GPS-mapping, wayfinding beacon technology, engaging audio tours, videos, and augmented reality features, the sky’s the limit with our high-flying partner!

Content Overviews: Whether visitors are fascinated by Palm Springs wildlife, daring tales of rescue, or the mechanics behind the high-flying tramway, the mobile tour has something for every interest.

Map to Adventure: As visitors walk through the waystations, the tour will automatically know where they are through GPS and wayfinding technology. When a visitor approaches a different area, the content related to that area will automatically pop up. The tour comes to life as visitors wander through the fascinating items, exhibits, and stories of Palm Springs and the Aerial Tramway.

Captivating Stories through Augmented Reality: The mobile tour brings the best parts of Palm Springs Aerial Tramway’s rich history to life through cutting-edge augmented reality features. Enabling the camera function on a visitor’s phone will allow them to see parts of Palm Springs’ characters, wildlife, and more up close and personal in an incredible, eye-opening experience!

Behind the Scenes Videos: Go behind-the-scenes of the inner-workings of Palm Springs Aerial Tramway from the engine room to the cockpit of a helicopter to under the tram itself! Video interviews and 360 photos will give visitors a whole new understanding of this incredible site!

Bring Home the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway: While visiting the waystation, visitors can use the “favorite” function to save the items they want to explore further later. With hours and hours of content, they will always have new ways to engage with Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.

Multi-Language Experience: With a tap of a button, visitors can transform the whole experience into their language of choice, making the engaging content more accessible to more demographics.

Stay In Touch: Visitors will never miss an exciting experience at Palm Springs Aerial Tramway through notifications and event calendar! The app will send exciting articles created by staff and alert visitors when fun events are happening.

Cutting-Edge Data Capabilities: The mobile tour does more than just create a rich experience for visitors. With Guru-Powered Data, Palm Springs Aerial Tramway will have access to heatmaps, visitor demographics, engagement levels, and more on an intuitive and comprehensive dashboard with both real-time metrics and monthly reports. These metrics will lead to a more nuanced understanding of visitor behavior and optimized marketing and acquisition efforts!

Want to learn more? The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway mobile tour is available in the App Store and Google Play now! Download and explore today!

Curious about Guru-Powered Data? Join our webinar, Data-Driven Visitor Engagement with Blackbaud Altru® and Guru on March 22 at 2:00 PM ET to learn all about it!