Guru’s Case Studies: Balboa Park

Apps in Action · September 5, 2018

Crash Course Case Studies: Guru and the Balboa Park App

Hear What Director and CEO of Balboa Park Online Collaborative, Nik Honeysett, Has To Say About the Guru Mobile Tour App!

"An emerging, essential business tool.”


When it comes to museum apps, it might seem like one solution fits all, but a mobile tour app can meet various needs within an institution and across departments.

Take for instance, the Balboa Park app. Balboa Park dazzles visitors with its 1200 acres of parkland, 30 cultural institutions, and 17 parking lots.

With so much for visitors to choose from, Balboa Park needed to give visitors a better way to navigate the park and find their way to events and exhibits that interested them. So how did Balboa Park give visitors the ability to fully enjoy all the park has to offer? Why let us tell you when you can hear it straight from our partners…partners like Nik Honeysett, Director and CEO of Balboa Park Online Collaborative! Click below to watch Guru’s Balboa Park Testimonial video!

Testimonial Cliff Notes

Benefits for Balboa Park Visitors

  • With the Guru mobile tour app, visitors can navigate around Balboa Park, find out what’s going on nearby and in museums, and create their own amazing experience all within the palm of their hand!
  • Guru’s design of an app within the app, encourages visitors to check out museums as well as explore the park
  • Bonus! With over a dozen parking lots to choose from, Balboa Park visitors especially love the Find My Car feature of the app!

Benefits for Balboa Park 

  • With real-time access to visitor behavior, visitor paths, engagement metrics, and more, Nik says, “We’re actually able to make decisions on the data we’re generating out of the park.”
  • Multiple institutions united under one centralized CMS backend allows for a more comprehensive picture of visitor data!


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