CEO, Paul Burke, on Guru’s Unique Approach to Customer Service

Internal · August 30, 2017

CEO, Paul Burke, on Guru's Unique Approach To Customer Service

For Guru’s CEO Paul Burke, doing what’s best for our partners is what drives every decision. Our partners are like our family. We mourned with our partner The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens last week when their gregarious 17-year-old giraffe, Pona, unexpectedly died. This weekend, we’ll spend four days aboard the Battleship IOWA in support of LA Fleet Week. (We’ll be user-testing our newest virtual reality experience: flying a HUP 2 Helicopter on an obstacle course around the battleship! Woohoo!) And next week, we’ll be climbing mountains to get 360-degree videos for our newest partner, the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. From social media calendars to augmented reality experiences for special events, we create out-of-the-box solutions to meet our partners’ needs. Here are three of our fearless leader’s creative customer service maxims:

1. Empower employees to be creative. At the end of the day, creating an innovative, compelling product is Guru’s goal. But it takes team work to get there! Burke says, “We embrace each team member’s distinctive qualities and perspectives. When team members are fully engaged in collaboration, bringing many perspectives to the table, it helps us develop apps that are more meaningful to our audiences.”

2. Be proactive rather than reactive. The Guru team works hard to find solutions before our partners even realize there’s a problem. When we meet with our partners, we listen carefully to see how we can help. Need your social media efforts to generate more business? Awesome. We’re building a brand new feature that leverages social media to increase ticket sales. Have another venue that is related to you but gets less traffic? Our new app-within-an-app function helps drive traffic between different locations. We evolve with our partners and create new features at lightning-quick speed.

3. Create a 360 solution. Storytelling and technology combined can make for a compelling visitor experience. But Burke believes that an app should not only enhance the visitor experience, it should increase revenue. Through data about what your visitors’ needs are, institutions can lower their visitor acquisition cost. Creating a solution that takes care of many of our partners’ needs at once is key to providing good service. So, how can we be of assistance to you?