Dali’s Masterworks in Motion – The Dali Museum’s Guru-Powered Augmented Reality Experience

Announcement · June 19, 2019

“One day it will have to be officially admitted that what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams.” ― Salvador Dali


What do you get when you put together Salvador Dali experts, exceptional storytellers, augmented reality geniuses, and a robust mobile tour platform?

Something surreal.

For Salvador Dali, challenging and transforming reality through art was an almost daily practice. So what better way to experience Dali’s masterworks than through augmented reality? Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, The Dali Museum’s latest exhibition “Visual Magic: Dali’s Masterworks in Augmented Reality” highlights key aspects of Dali’s works and puts them in motion through AR

Guru is thrilled to announce our latest partnership with The Dali Museum is now open!

Dali was a master of motion, subtlety, and symbolism. Even the smallest elements of his paintings have a significance that deepens the larger theme of the works. Sometimes those elements are obvious and sometimes, they’re a little harder to see. Once again, The Dali Museum, a pioneer in incorporating technology and culture, is leading the way when it comes to interactive learning–and Guru helped make it possible.

How it Works

Visitors use The Dali Museum app to trigger a unique experience. Using museum-provided devices–or their own devices with a free download–visitors trigger an AR animation at each of The Dali’s masterworks. These animations are overlaid on top of the works themselves and illuminate the complex elements and overall themes layered into each.

Visual Magic: Dali’s Masterworks in Augmented Reality is now open!

Experience all of the Masterworks in person at the Dali Museum during your next visit to St. Petersburg!

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