Deadpool Does AR Right: 4 AR Tech Strategies that Work for Every Organization

Industry · May 16, 2018

Deadpool, Marvel’s red-suited mercenary with an affinity for crude jokes and regrowing limbs, is Guru’s AR hero.

Yeah, you heard that right.

Why? That’s because the Merc with a Mouth is an experience-building whiz when it comes to the strategic use of AR. Earlier this month, Deadpool and 7-Eleven teamed up to provide interactive AR experiences in the 7-Eleven app. Through the app, customers can meet Deadpool and follow him around the store for interactive adventures.

The app has four main features:
  1. Deadpool, the Tour Guide: Deadpool guides you through the app experience in AR, throwing his signature quips at the user along the way.
  2. Deadpool-Doodle Selfie: You can take a selfie and watch as Marvel’s famous doodler scribbles all over it.
  3. Scavenger Hunt: You can scan codes throughout the store to gain access to 7- Eleven reward points and new AR games.
  4. Revolving Content: Every week the app updates with new experiences so you’re never getting the same Deadpool twice.
Why does Guru give Deadpool an A+ for superhuman AR strategy? We wrote up five reasons:

  1. The Content Isn’t Static–It’s Dynamic!
    By changing the content of the app every week, users are invited to continue to visit their local 7-Eleven for more marvelous adventures with their favorite red-suited anti-hero.
  • Deadpool Invites You To Engage In Your Surroundings:
    Rather than being sucked into their phones, users are required to move throughout the store and find new items and activities to engage with.
  • You Can Bring the Fun Home:
    App-users aren’t only limited to enjoying content at 7-Eleven. They can bring their experiences with them to continue playing games and gaining reward points.
  • Maximum Social Media-Friendliness:
    Did someone say #deadpoolselfie? Selfies are a surefire way to encourage users to share the experience through social media.
  • It’s Deadpool:
    I mean…come on.
Guru’s Super-Powered AR Strategy

If Guru has one thing in common with Deadpool, it’s our AR expertise. In fact, when it comes to leveraging AR for our partners, we always put in MAXIMUM EFFORT.

  1. AR Tour Guide Capabilities: Guru’s AR tour guides highlight themes and exciting aspects of an institution. Take a look at how younger visitors at the Battleship IOWA enjoy tours led by Vicky, the only canine sailor onboard the ship during World War II!
  2. Exciting Scavenger Hunts: Scavenger hunts are an enjoyable and educational way to engage with your visitors. Just ask our partners about the Guru-powered Easter Scavenger Hunt at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens!
  3. Revolving Content: Your institution is always evolving–Guru apps evolve with you. We ensure our content stays fresh and relevant so visitors never experience the app the same way twice.
  4. Awesome Stuff On and Offsite: Guru-powered apps can be enjoyed on and offsite. Visitors can save their favorite exhibits and revisit them on the couch. The app also keeps users up-to-date with upcoming events and exhibits to help visitors plan their next trip to their favorite cultural institutions.
  5. Social Media Friendly Features: We know visitors like to share their enthusiasm for cultural institutions with their social media following. With in-app camera features, sharing buttons, and selfie-filters, we ensure our Guru apps are #amazing.


In sum, AR can be a powerful tool when used strategically, expertly, and with great partners to support you. And Guru can help. Visit our contact us page and learn how Guru can help your AR strategy reach its full potential!