Generate Revenue With Selfies? And Guru at MuseumNext Portland…

Tech · September 27, 2017

NEW FEATURE: Social Media Sharing Released in Beta

Need a cost-effective way to reduce the amount of money spent on marketing and increase sales? Guru just made sharing on social media easy and fun! Here’s how it works. When visitors come to your venue, your Guru-powered app makes it easy for them to share pictures of their experience on social media. This traffic can be leveraged to increase sales or build awareness around an event or new exhibition–amplifying one visit into many!

Guru recently released a beta version of social media sharing and photo frames to one of its partners. And all of Guru’s partners will have it soon! Spread the word about all the great work your institution is doing effortlessly. Let social media do the work for you!

Guru CEO Paul Burke to Speak at MuseumNext Portland

Hear Guru CEO Paul Burke speak about Harnessing Data for Social Good at the MuseumNext USA Tech Session from 10:30 am to 12:20 pm on Monday, October 2nd. Nik Honeysett, CEO of the Balboa Park Online Collaborative, will be joining Paul on stage. Paul will be around afterwards for questions or comments. Come say hi!