George Clooney Saved My Life…

Tech · July 6, 2017

Bonjour from the Cardinal! Augmented Reality Brings Art and History To Life

“If you destroy an entire generation of peoples’ culture, it’s as if they never existed. That’s what Hitler wants. And it’s the one thing we can’t allow,” George Clooney intoned in the feature film, Monuments Men. The movie brought a true story into mainstream popular culture. As many of us know, real men and women–a ragtag platoon of curators, art historians and architects–risked their lives to save works of art. Well, Guru brought one of the paintings that was actually saved from the Nazis to life. Watch below, as one of Guru’s augmented reality features brings history to life–reminding us of real-life defenders of our culture and history.

Guru was recently featured in Forbes for our innovative approach to digital storytelling. If you’ve never tried Guru’s augmented reality, now’s your chance! First, let’s start with basics. Most of us are familiar with virtual reality–wholly immersive computer-generated environments. Augmented reality, on the other hand, blends real life with the imaginary, adding a digital layer to the world around you. (Kinda like the Pokemon Go craze of last year.) Here’s how it works:

It’s simple!

  • Download and open your Guru-powered app.
  • As you walk through a museum, your phone knows where you are.
  • When you come to an augmented reality painting, your phone lets you know.
  • Point your phone at the painting and…
  • Watch it come to life!

Check out the video below to see a demo of how it’s done!



Let Cardinal Etienne Rene tell you all about his painting’s history.