Guru in Inc.: 9 Customer Service Tips from Today’s Top Leaders

Press · August 28, 2017

Guru in Inc.: 9 Customer Service Tips from Today's Top Leaders

Here at Guru, we view every client as a long-term partner. So much so, that our approach to partnership has been, and will always be our number one core value as a company. Guru is not a vendor; our team becomes an extension of your team as we work hand in hand to craft the best experiences possible for your visitors.

Outdated content or technical issues can negatively affect your visitor experience. That’s why when asked by Inc. about his top customer service tip, our CEO, Paul Burke, immediately highlighted the importance of fast customer service.

Paul Burke – Guru: Provide Fast Service

“Founder of the Guru, an app that brings museum experiences to life through smartphone technology, Paul Burke believes that too often the value of customer service is diminished. Despite all the technology available in today’s world, many companies slack off when it comes to providing timely customer service.

Burke makes it a point to ensure that his team is always providing fast service, as to keep partners happy at all times. Furthermore, the Guru management team emphasizes the importance of being proactive rather than just reactive. They work hard to find the solution before their partners realize there is even a problem.”

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