Guru’s Director of Content Recognized by San Diego Woman Magazine

Guru Team · March 14, 2019

Who is San Diego Woman Magazine’s Woman of Distinction?

It's Guru's Director of Content, Dana Duran!

Dana's ability to listen and understand institution goals enables her to design content that exceeds the aspirations of Guru partners.


What is a Woman of Distinction?
San Diego Woman magazine features women in San Diego who are leaders in their field and models for the community. By choosing to honor Dana in the “Power” issue, San Diego Woman Magazine tips its hat to Guru’s own creative powerhouse, Dana Duran.

Who is Dana Duran?
From first Guru employee to curator of the Guru voice to Director of Content, Dana Duran is an essential building block of Guru’s creative and educational mission. Her leadership, creativity, and extraordinary vision has led to Guru’s most innovative content. After earning a BA in Advertising and her Master’s in English, Dana managed content development in industries as diverse as marketing, medical supply, non-profits, and public relations. Dana has cultivated the Guru voice and managed content for every Guru-powered app. She has written over 2,000 audio, AR, and video scripts.
Her ability to listen and understand institution goals enables her to design content that exceeds the aspirations of Guru partners

Intellect, Empathy, & Imagination

Dana’s sharp mind, boundless imagination, and keen ability to understand each cultural institution’s unique needs and voice has led to some amazing creations. From Space Center Houston’s Saturn V augmented reality launch experience to co-designing Guru’s first kid’s augmented reality tour at Battleship IOWA.

Guru has allowed me to collaborate with some pretty amazing people. In the last year, we've acquired a lot of female employees, which has been really nice because I feel like we have an environment where we all want to help one another to accomplish our goals.

dana babe in mexico

The Voice of Guru

Dana set the standard for our content’s voice and approach. “Our voice is smart without being condescending and engaging without being disrespectful. Because in school, you learned more from the teachers who made you laugh, made you question, and made you think about what you were learning.Not the teachers who just read right out of the textbook.” This approach has set our content apart from the rest in originality, excellence, and accessibility.

Building Towards a Future for Guru
What does Dana have in mind for Guru’s growth?
“Guru’s doing amazing things with data right now, but you can’t have good data without great content. That’s why we are constantly looking for ways to innovate in audio, augmented reality, and tour themes. We are continuing to work with our museum partners and their curatorial teams to highlight what makes their exhibitions unique. Engaging visitors is always our first priority. In the future, we can work from data insights to inform our content direction, show us where visitor interests lay, and help our partners’ content continue to take center stage.”

Keep an eye out for Dana in San Diego Woman Magazine’s upcoming “Power” issue!
Can’t wait to talk about content? Reach out to Dana anytime!

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