Happy Thanksgiving from Guru!

Internal · November 21, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from Guru!

From floral art masterpieces to worldwide conservation efforts, we are thankful to support our partners’ work in the world.

It’s time to be grateful! We are SO thankful for all of our partners, and happy to be part of the cultural institution community. One of our favorite parts of working with our partners is getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the extraordinary work they do–something we try to capture in the digital experiences we create for each of them. Just look at some of the amazing stuff a few of our partners have been up to this year:

San Diego Museum of Art

As their signature fundraiser every year, the San Diego Museum of Art transforms the museum into “a blaze of color, bright blossoms, and lush foliage—a garden of earthly delights”—with more than 100 floral interpretations of Master works of art at Art Alive. We are looking forward to 2018’s event in April! We feel lucky to be able to update the content in the SDMA app for each new exhibition. This year, our favorite exhibition to write about was “Modern Masters from Latin America: The Pérez Simón Collection. Go see it through March 2018!

Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

Working with the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens on their app has changed the way we see modern zoos and the important role they play in our world. People can still go see and learn about animals, but zoos such as the Living Desert are also active centers of conservation work and species preservation. The Living Desert not only styles their animals with epic restaurant-quality meals, they also coordinate the worldwide conservation effort for five species of animals in the wild! Also, they have an innovative way of making an impact on wild animals–choosing one animal to dedicate fundraising efforts to each year. This year is the Year of the Giraffe! Need to make an end of the year donation? Now you know where!

Battleship IOWA

One of our favorite parts about the Battleship IOWA is the vibrant community that surrounds it. Not only a hands-on educational center for kids, the battleship is also a gathering place for veterans. This year, they hosted Los Angeles’s Fleet Week for its second year! Soon, they are also launching the exciting HUP 2 helicopter virtual reality experience that we built in partnership with them. Battleship IOWA has a special place in our hearts for their commitment to enhancing the visitor experience. They recently added augmented reality mugs to their gift shop along with a video that shows how the mugs work and had a 150% increase in sales of the mugs from last year. Battleship IOWA continuously puts time and effort into pushing their digital experiences and it shows!

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Did you know that riding on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is like traveling ecologically from Mexico to Alaska in ten minutes? We didn’t either until we created the tram’s nearly-launched app! During the research and discovery phase of creating exciting content for the app, we were in awe of what a feat it was to build the second steepest tram ride in the world. In order to construct the tram from the desert floor to the uninhabited wilderness and parkland at the top, helicopters made more than 23,000 flights, hauling more than 5,500 tons with average loads of 700 pounds! The tram is always working to enhance their visitors’ experience and we hope that their new app will take that to the next level. Soon you will be able to see a rattlesnake in augmented reality, hear the harrowing story of a ranger rescue at the top of the mountain in a location-aware audio tour, or see the 360-degree view from under the tram. Ride next time you’re in town!

Our partners do incredible work in the world and we are proud to support their work by adding a fun and sophisticated digital layer! Thank you to all of our partners: San Diego Museum of Art, Balboa Park, Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, Battleship IOWA, Access Parks: Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Battleship North Carolina, See It All: Space Needle, the Chicago Bulls, and Museum of Man.