Meet Alenna Gatti, Our Director of Sales & Partnership Guru!

Internal · February 14, 2018

Alenna Gatti brings her keen eye for sales strategy

Coming to us from New York City, Alenna Gatti brings her keen eye for sales strategy, tech world savvy, and business acumen (not to mention a fabulous fashion sense) to the Guru team. In her role as Director of Sales for creative agencies and content marketing companies, Alenna cultivated strong partnerships, action plans for sales across multiple channels, and a deep understanding of the importance of digital storytelling in order to both entertain and educate. A native San Diegan, Alenna’s intelligence and warmth are already a perfect Guru culture fit!

What do you hope to contribute to the team?

My background fuses technology and digital storytelling so I’m very excited to be working for a company that does the same! I hope to grow our awareness and add some awesome new partners into our network.

What about Guru makes you the most excited?

It’s very exciting to be working for a company that advocates for both storytelling and cutting-edge technology. Everyone at Guru is so passionate about the work we’re doing and the cultural institutions that we’re impacting. We have created a digital storytelling platform that makes it easy on institutions to implement, and extremely fun and educational for the visitors.

What do you foresee for Guru in the coming months/year?

We are just scratching the surface when it comes to our reach. I foresee us expanding into many more museums, zoo’s, aquariums, and cultural attractions… coming to a city near you ;D

Favorite movie/book/quote (if you have one)? why?

“Everything you can imagine is real.”

― Pablo Picasso

When I studied abroad in Barcelona I found a deep appreciation for Picasso and his work. He never took himself seriously and always pushed the importance of imagination and storytelling!