Paul Shockley, Guru’s Chief Creative Officer Talks AR/VR at OCTANe

Industry · June 7, 2017

Paul Shockley, Chief Creative at Guru, joins panel at OCTANe's Tech and Innovation Forum

Joining other leaders in the field, Paul Shockley, Chief Creative at Guru joined the AR/VR panel at OCTANe’s Tech and Innovation forum. Shockley and the panel agreed that augmented and virtual reality need to be implemented as more than flashy tech toys.

“AR/VR can’t be just a shiny thing. It needs to achieve a specific goal within the organization,” Shockley said.
The panel also agreed that businesses and nonprofits can and should use AR and VR as tools to increase business.

“AR/VR should either help a business save a dollar or make a dollar. They shouldn’t live in a bubble. They should engage people and get people to stay in the space for longer,” Shockley said.

Other panelists included Pete Fiacco, COO Monster VR, Robert Brown, CEO Meridien AR, David Cramer, COO NextVR, and Mark Stradist, Shareholder and Moderator.

Before working with Guru, visitors stayed an average of 45 minutes inside the museum of one of our partners. After implementing Guru’s robust technology paired with storytelling through augmented and virtual reality, visitors are now staying 72 minutes on average.