Too Good to Be True?

Internal · June 7, 2017

A Partnership Approach That Puts Your Museum's Needs First

Before we created Guru, we surveyed museums to understand what made an app useful or not. We found out that most museum apps were failing because they were an empty shell–glorified calendars that relied on busy museum staffers to update them. We realized that if museum apps were going to be successful, they needed to be regularly refreshed. And not only with cool new content. Technology needed to be kept functional and relevant as well. Just imagine how much time that would require from a museum staff already stretched thin! Our conclusion? We realized museums needed more than a platform–they needed a partner…a Guru!

Here are five ways our partnership approach supports your museum:

1. Continuous Support. You got your fancy new app. Now what? We don’t set-up and run. We are right there by your side, making sure your app stays shiny-new.
2. Stellar Content. Our audio and video content is not only refreshed as exhibits change, we reach out to the 21st-century audience by pairing education with a fun, conversational tone.
3. Leading-edge Technology. We keep up with technology so you don’t have to. The AR and VR features we create complement your exhibits–making them immersive and interactive all at once.
4. Insight. Knowing more about your visitor can help you plan exhibits, target your marketing more effectively, and in the long run help you save money. We’ve got the data you need.
5. ROI. Your success is our success. Guru’s features provide a host of potential revenue streams for you to tap into. When we hear about an 8% drop in the number of adults who visit art museums in the past two decades, we get sad. Our partnership provides you with an immersive digital layer that gets visitors excited and is tailored to the needs of your museum. Still sound too good to be true? Pinch us. We’re real.

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