Welcome Our New Guru, Jeff!

Guru Team · June 5, 2018

Welcome Our New Guru, Jeff!

We’re so thrilled to introduce a new addition to the Guru team! Read on to learn more about our extraordinary new Guru, Jeff!


Leader, maverick, creator–when it comes to media innovation, new Guru Jeff Domitrz is all that…and more! Throughout his career, Jeff’s perseverance, artistic and technological versatility, and self-motivation has taken him far. He has been the head of the design department for a large television media company–managing creative, production, and motion design work for 53 television stations! Always a go-getter, Jeff started his own business and won bids to create stunning media content for brands like Nestle, Nike, Intel, and Johnny Rocket’s. But Jeff’s coolest project? Winning a grant to create an immersive, social and audio-reactive VR art experience. What does that mean? Jeff made a multi-user virtual reality experience where the players’ voices and sounds transformed into different creatures, shapes, and colors. How cool is that? Jeff’s passion for interactive media and combining technology and art will lead to outstanding work for Guru’s museum and zoo partners!

Quick Q&A with Jeff:

What about Guru makes you most excited?
Augmenting the museum experience with cutting-edge technology

What do you foresee for Guru in the coming months/years?
I expect Guru to continue forming new partnerships as we grow our capabilities and innovative new kinds of exciting experiences and content.

Favorite movie/book quote? Why?
I love books that remind me of how humbling, amazing and utterly bizarre the universe is.

Anything else you’d like to share about yourself and/or Guru?
I’m a loving father of two and a musical tinkerer. I like cooking, gardening, science and, of course, science fiction!