Winners of the Governor’s Historic Preservation Award 2017!

Press · October 25, 2017

Battleship IOWA's Guru-powered App: Winner of the Governor's Historic Preservation Award for 2017

We are honored to win the Governor’s Historic Preservation Award for 2017 alongside our partner, Battleship IOWA. The award is “the only official preservation award presented by the State of California to worthy recipients in recognition of outstanding achievements in the field of historic preservation.” We are thrilled to be able to support our state’s heritage and our veterans through technology and storytelling!

As a partner, the Battleship IOWA is a great example of how successful an app can be when an entire organization commits to its success. From management down to the amazing volunteers aboard the ship, the Battleship IOWA has worked hard to ensure that visitors know the app is there and understand how to use it.

As a result, visitors have had a chance to access even more educational materials on the battleship as well as experience the battleship as it was in its heyday. Visitors can take a picture with a 3D Franklin D. Roosevelt, or see what a working mess kitchen or sleeping berths looked like and come away with a deeper appreciation of the IOWA’s history and the incredible service of our veterans.

The Battleship IOWA has also benefited financially from their hard work of implementing and marketing the app. After the app had launched, Guru added multiple languages and helped to attract more group tour sales. Adding the languages increased the number of group tour visitors by 21% and group tour revenue by 63%!

Our passion is helping our partners to thrive and making sure our cultural organizations’ stories and knowledge are passed down to the next generation. Kudos to the Battleship IOWA and all the employees, volunteers, and veterans who work to make it the thriving community and educational center it is! We are honored to have you as our partner.