We view each client as a true partner.

The app allows our users to learn about our conservation efforts. We really wanted to create something that will empower our guests, so they know they really can make a difference.

Erin Scott, Marketing & PR Manager, The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens

We’re actually able to make decisions on the data we’re generating. The demographics on the app tell us who is visiting the park, which is fantastically important for institutions to really make key decisions about the audiences they’re serving.

Nik Honeysett, CEO, Balboa Park Online Collaborative

I was amazed that the app turned my phone into a virtual guide that was actually able to make me laugh out loud.

App User, Balboa Park

The museum app is wonderful, whereby one can be informed of the paintings/items in the room you are in (and refer to the text when you get home).

App User, Balboa Park

Guru has elevated the museum experience. The breadth and depth of backstories, historical context, and interesting facts within the app are extraordinary. Most importantly, it allows the Museum to augment and extend the conversation with its visitors.

App User, Balboa Park

Now that we have the app up and running, the early results show that partnering with Guru was the right solution to bring the Battleship Iowa back to life and attract a whole new group of visitors while enhancing the experience of our traditional visitors.

Jonathan Williams, President & CEO, Battleship IOWA

The systems of a warship and its history are fairly complex. I was delighted to see how well the Guru employees absorbed Iowa’s story and managed to present it in a fun and entertaining way for our visitors’ additional enjoyment.

Dave Way, Battleship IOWA

AMAZING experience, don't visit the museum without it.

App User, Battleship IOWA

It was incredible seeing this massive ship come to life through veteran stories and historical photos. This App made this visit so much that I thought it would be!

App User, Battleship IOWA

The Guru team continues to think outside of the box and each one of them aspires to use technology in a way that creates emotional connections between the Museum’s content and the general public.

Dieter Fenkart-Froeschl, San Diego Museum of Art

One question, why don't all museums have an app like this? So fun!

App User, San Diego Museum of Art

So cool, completely changed my perception of the museum!

App User, San Diego Museum of Art

I have never heard art talked about in this way. I love it!

App User, San Diego Museum of Art