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We understand how busy you are and how time-consuming it can be to fill your app with engaging content that spans your entire institution. We also know how imperative content is for the success of your app. So, we've built a team of creative geniuses who are passionate about learning your stories and translating them into digital content. We recognize that you are the experts and your content is your brand. We have developed processes to ensure that Guru does the heavy lifting while respecting your voice and always obtaining necessary approvals. Our ultimate goal is to make every visitor feel as though they are getting a VIP tour from you and your team. Guru’s award-winning creative team possesses expertise in all of the mediums listed below.

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Audio Overviews

A Modern Spin on an Old Classic

Audiences have changed and so have their expectations for audio. In a world of endless podcasts, visitors expect to learn while being engaged, entertained and surprised. Audio overviews can do this by sharing exhibition information that wouldn’t fit on a wall placard, like expert interviews, oral histories and soundscapes. Audio is also the ideal medium for encouraging real-time examination and “eyes-up” learning.

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to audio anymore. Guru's team has experience creating audio overviews for subjects that range from humorous to sensitive, and will always consult with your team about tone and voice. Some of the audio approaches we've developed include:

  • Playful - incorporates pop-culture references, slang (where relevant), and sound effects. This is often a hit across age groups.
  • Conversational - simplified but not simple. Discusses topics and items in a friendly and casual manner.
  • Oral History Integration - combines narration with oral history clips to tell an authentic story.
  • Expert Interviews - a podcast-like approach combining narration and expert interview clips.

Audio Overviews Examples

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Battleship IOWA Audio Stop

Why did USS IOWA sailors wear white hats and dungarees? This audio stop uses a casual voice and a dash of humor to reveal a little-known secret about Navy attire.

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Missouri History Museum Audio Stop

Visitors to Missouri History Museum’s #1 in Civil Rights exhibit learn about Downtown sit-ins taking place in St. Louis from the people who were there. This stop integrates oral histories with narration for maximum immersion and impact.

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San Diego Museum of Art Audio Stop

This audio stop from SDMA’s Epic Tales exhibit describes the painting “Ramayana - Rama and Lakshmana take leave of Dasharatha and the Priest” and uses a playful voice, sound effects, and an engaging approach to bring the story to life for all ages!

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The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens Audio Stop

This audio stop engages zoo visitors by drawing attention to special giraffe features. This encourages guests to have a "heads-up" experience while learning!

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Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Audio Stop

How do you cure plant blindness? By making plants accessible. This stop teaches visitors about the unique qualities of Parry’s Beargrass and its role in California’s biodiversity hotspot.

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Complex Topics and VIP Access Made Easy

From interviews with curators and experts, to behind-the-scenes peeks, our video content aims to create connections with the people and places that visitors don’t normally have access to. Have a complex topic to cover? Guru’s animations specialize in conveying complicated subjects in accessible ways. Have lots of unused footage? We can repurpose archived media into consumable clips your visitors will love.

Video Examples

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"Plant Blindness" - Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

Why do plants matter? This video illustrates the importance of plants in everyday life and how they impact the future of our planet.

"Sailor Tattoos" - Battleship IOWA

Did you know sailor tattoos have special meanings? Visitors to Battleship IOWA learn all about them in this fun animation for all ages.

"Art Detectives" - San Diego Museum of Art

Visitors to San Diego Museum of Art get a sneak peek at the amazing work going on behind-the-scenes and at what it takes to care for, restore and preserve precious artworks.

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Augmented Reality

Modern Learning

Augmented reality allows visitors to become active participants in their journey through your establishment instead of simply reading about an object, person, animal or artwork. Augmented reality can transport historical figures, and even dinosaurs, into the room, bring portraits to life and allow visitors to investigate, learn and explore. It is also a great way to promote events, conservation efforts and upcoming exhibitions.

Augmented Reality Examples

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Dinosaur AR

Augmented Reality makes learning mobile in this fun experience featuring SUE the T-Rex.

Butterfly Migration AR - Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

Visitors to the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden use this AR feature to experience the monarch butterfly season any time of the year while also learning about these vital creatures!

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Themed Tours

Something for Everyone

Themed tours are a fantastic way to address varying interests, different age groups and time constraints. Guru works closely with your team to determine which themes will highlight your collection most effectively and which objects to include in every tour. Themed tours create a reason for visitors to return as each provides a new story and unique angle. These can be especially effective and fun when inspired by an event or time of year.

Themed Tours Examples

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Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden visitors can enjoy learning about native California plant life through a selection of themed tours like the California Flavors tour and the California All Stars tour.

Battleship IOWA

Visitors to Battleship IOWA can choose from a variety of tours based on time constraints, interests and activities. Kids can even follow ship mascot, Vicky the dog, on an augmented reality tour adventure.

San Diego Museum of Art

At SDMA, visitors can enjoy everything from artist-led tours to special themes like the Date tour and Aristocrat tour.

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Transportive Experiences in the Palm of Your Hand

Mobile devices become 360-degree portals into different worlds, time periods, and landscapes--no headgear required. Imagine visitors exploring historical landmarks, journeying back in time or traveling into the cosmos without leaving the room and with only a simple tap on their tablets or smartphones. VR-Lite gives visitors access to places that are off-limits or inaccessible and provides multiple points-of-view. It also expands accessibility. Visitors unable to trek into the lower levels of a battleship, or access museum view towers don't have to miss out due to physical constraints.

VR-Lite Examples

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Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

Visitors to Palm Spring Aerial Tramway use “VR-Lite” to enjoy a helicopter’s view and get a 360-degree look at the Tram’s engine room!

Battleship IOWA

Virtual Reality-Lite allows visitors 360-degree looks into off-limits parts of the ship and provides accessibility for those unable to navigate ship ladders.

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Think Snapchat!

You can turn your guests into works of art, favorite zoo animals and more with Guru-powered selfie filters! Selfie filters are a great way to engage visitors while encouraging social sharing and fun--just think of the success of Snapchat filters! Our creative team can make anything you can dream up, and with built-in social sharing features, our platform makes it easy for visitors to share their selfies on social media with friends and family.

Selfies Examples

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Chicago Bulls

What do super fans love more than their favorite team? Sharing their team spirit!

God of Thunder

Museum visitors step inside an exhibit or theme with this electrifying selfie filter!


Enchant visitors with an interactive selfie filter that is triggered by a wink! Then watch them enchant their friends with a share function right in the app.

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Scavenger Hunt

Something to discover for all ages

Scavenger hunts are an enjoyable and educational way to invite visitors to explore your space. Visitors can play and learn as they’re guided through the museum with location-aware technology and helpful hints. These interactive scavenger hunts can incorporate augmented reality, scoreboards, selfie-filter rewards and more to create an informative and unforgettable visitor experience.

Scavenger Hunt Examples

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Scavenger hunts are easily found on the explore section of the app as well as in the hamburger menu. And who says scavenger hunts are just for kids? These interactive experiences can be tailored for children and adults!

Getting Warmer!

Beacon-aware technology lets visitors know when they’ve gotten the answer right in their scavenger hunt.

Need a Hint?

If visitors are a bit puzzled, they can use the hint function to help guide them to the next stop on their scavenger hunt.