Battleship Iowa

The national capture rate average for museum apps is 1.5%. Battleship IOWA has reached a capture rate of 75% on some days.


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USS Iowa Museum

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Historical Tours, Educational Videos, Themed Tours, Virtual Reality-Lite, Kids' Augmented Reality Tour, Historical Augmented Reality Experiences

Reimagining the glory and history of the USS Iowa.

The Problem

Throughout her three commissions, Battleship IOWA led the way in cutting-edge technologies. As a museum, she was looking to do the same. Having served during World War II, the Korean War and throughout the 1990s, Battleship IOWA had more stories than there was room onboard to share (and she’s a massive ship!). Battleship IOWA needed unlimited space for audio, video, oral histories and augmented reality experiences that would inspire and entertain visitors of all ages.

The Solution

The Battleship IOWA app offers a comprehensive audio tour, educational animations, veteran and volunteer stories, themed tours, augmented reality experiences and even VR-lite. There is something for every age and interest from an augmented reality scavenger hunt with Vicky the Dog for kids, to virtual access to hard-to-reach spaces for those with limited mobility. In addition, content on the app is offered in multiple languages and has increased foreign tour group sales by 60%.


After offering tours in different languages via their Guru-Powered app, Battleship IOWA saw their foreign tour group sales increase significantly.

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Key Takeaways

150% increase in merchandise sales from creating a unique AR experience.

63% of visitors interacted with Battleship Iowa's app after leaving the ship.

60% Increase in foreign group tour sales.

75% app capture rate, compared to the national average of 1.5%.