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50% of users who downloaded the app came back that same week to engage with the app again.


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Reaching Wider Audiences through New Technologies

The Problem

San Diego Museum of Art is a world-class destination for art and a local treasure when it comes to San Diego history. But their key audience was getting older and the museum sought to expand their visitor demographic to younger audiences--particularly millennials.

To attract 21st-century audiences, SDMA knew they needed to leverage technology in a creative way. But the time and resources required to make that happen were hard to come by, especially with new exhibitions and events always on the horizon. They needed a solution that would not only provide the technology but would also keep content up-to-date and relevant.

The Solution

The first step to appealing to a wider range of visitors was the equipment. Younger audiences want to use their smartphones, so why not let them? SDMA’s Guru-powered app put wayfinding, content and museum information in the palms of their hands. But hardware was only the start. SDMA wanted a broader appeal when it came to content as well. The Guru content creation team, along with curatorial staff, crafted an audio overview voice that combined education with entertainment. While SDMA expected this voice to appeal to younger visitors, it was pleasantly surprised to learn that the entertaining and educational voice engaged visitors of all ages--from millennials to Baby Boomers.

Lately, Guru-powered data has become a huge part of the SDMA app. The museum now has access to heat mapping, traffic patterns, content usage and preferences, app usage, length-of-stay information, visitor demographics and more. With this information, SDMA has developed more targeted strategies for visitor acquisition, visitor experience, membership retention and more.


Participants spent 70 minutes on the app, while on average, 60% of app users reopened the app a week later.

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Key Takeaways

In 2017, SDMA app users spent 70 minutes engaging with the app.

On average 60% of app users reopened the app a week later.

Augmented Reality Calendar offers a new experience every month.

Visitors to SDMA have access to 7 unique augmented reality experiences.