The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens

In 2018, the Living Desert Zoo app has been opened 46 states and 27 countries.


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The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

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Audio Overviews, Individual animal highlights, Behind-the-Scenes videos, GPS mapping, pedometer, augmented reality keeper chats, Virtual Reality Lite

Conservation in the Twenty-First Century

The Problem

Like most zoos, the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens wanted to help visitors navigate a large space and find specific animal exhibits quickly. They also wanted to do this in a way that would help eliminate paper maps and align with their mission of conservation.

The Solution

Via the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens app, visitors can navigate from one location to the next using real-time GPS mapping and wayfinding technologies. They can also customize their map with a simple tap switching view modes from “everything,” to “animals only,” “plants only,” restrooms and food vendor locations. Visitors are also able to listen to audio overviews for each enclosure, watch videos about behind-the-scenes workings at the zoo, donate with a single tap, enjoy the view from atop Bighorn Mountain using VR-Lite and more.


"Using our Guru-powered data solutions, we advised the zoo on how often their visitors interacted with the app after they left. The app-opening map shows where in the world the user opened the TLD app, allowing them to see their global reach."

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Key Takeaways

On average, 50%+ of users engage with the app content within 1 week after leaving the site.

People in 46 states in the US engaged with the app’s content within a month of visiting the Zoo.

People in 27 different countries, from the U.S. to Kenya, have engaged with the app's content.