Here’s how it works.

Data insights for your institution, incredible experiences for your visitors.

All in one platform...

Guru has created the most robust digital storytelling platform for cultural institutions and local attractions. We fundamentally change the ways in which visitors interact with, connect to and navigate through cultural venues, attractions and historical sites. From beginning to launch--and beyond--we act as a true partner to our customers as we work together to identify the best strategies for enhancing the visitor experience. With our proven, leading-edge technology, immersive digital content, actionable data analytics and ongoing support,

we strive to perform as an extension of our customers’ teams, enhancing their experience alongside that of the visitor. Our platform is straightforward, easy to manage and does all the heavy lifting for your institution, allowing you to focus on what you do best: ensuring that your visitors are stimulated with interactive and impactful experiences. With Guru, you can offer your visitors a new, authentic and unforgettable experience, while strengthening your business at the same time.

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The Brains Behind the Operation

CMS & Dashboard

Full access, real-time response

You work hard enough, so we made this simple.

Our custom-built CMS (content management system) is the easy-to-use control center that allows you to add new files on the fly and make immediate updates. Designed and developed specifically for cultural institutions, the simplicity of our drag-and-drop backend accounts for all of your needs. You can manage everything on your own or have Guru do it for you. We continually train your team on how to use the CMS as staff changes and new features are added.

Data-Rich Infrastructure

The insights your CFO and CMO have been begging for.

Designed and built to help optimize your resources, boost visitor engagement and increase revenues, Guru’s data analytics suite illuminates visitor behavior (heat maps, traffic patterns, content engagement), demographic traits (gender, age, income bracket) and performance catalysts. Our partners leverage this data to drive down visitor acquisition costs, strategize for future exhibitions and offer targeted promotions.

Where the Magic Happens

Custom-Branded App

Proven Leading-Edge Technology

The features your visitors expect plus the ones they didn’t know were possible.

Guru’s apps are location-aware, enabling a tailored experience depending on whether the visitor is onsite, or off. As guests explore your venue, relevant content will be fed to the app based on their location. Utilizing Guru’s image recognition technology, users can simply look at works of art through the camera and associated content will be brought up. Features like wayfinding, audio tours, scavenger hunts, augmented reality, VR-Lite, digital membership cards, in-app donations, calendars and event notifications, selfie filters, favorites and more ensure that there's something to entice every visitor.

Immersive Digital Content

Give every visitor the all-access VIP tour.

Storytelling is at the core of what we do, and Guru knows how important it is to 1) get it right and 2) make it compelling. Our experienced content creators are curious, good listeners, and above all, storytellers that will work with your team to strategize the ultimate visitor experience. All content is vetted and approved by your team before going live in the app. Over the last several years, we have honed our processes to ensure content creation demands as little time from your team as possible. With as little or as much collaboration as you'd like, Guru delivers storytelling platforms full of audio, video, augmented reality, virtual reality lite, photo filters and more. Plus, as your exhibits change and evolve, so will your digital experiences. Guru creates fresh content and delivers updated technology throughout the life of our partnership.