We take our work seriously. Ourselves? Not so much!

Meet the Gurus

The Guru team is comprised of outstanding individuals who bring passion and excellence to their work every day--whether it's building masterful data architectures, developing first-in-kind AR experiences or assisting customers with digital strategies. Our backgrounds range from Art History to psychology to archaeology, finance to design and economics to engineering. As diverse as our experiences are, all Gurus have at least one thing in common--we love what we do!


Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Suzie partners with museums and attractions to enhance their visitor's experience. She honed her skills while working as Senior Account & Operations Manager for another audio tour company in the industry. Helming all on-site staffed operations in the United States, Suzie trained multiple staffing operations to deliver exceptional service and the ultimate visitor experience.
Suzie is a mom of twins so multitasking is a must, and is the reason why she is so darned good at her job.

Suzie Dergham

Chief Technical Officer

Do you ever deposit your checks using your phone? You can thank Clay Shinn for that. On top of being a tech guru (pun intended), he is also an avid traveler. He has visited over 50 countries, and is planning on completing a 50-mile trek in New Zealand for his 50th birthday. (The number 50 is a recurring motif at this juncture in his life.) At Guru, we know him as a typical San Diego native. What does that mean? He loves shorts. Before every meeting, he texts Paul Burke, “Is this a pants meeting?" It usually is.

Clay Shinn

SVP Platform and Visitor Experience

Although her last name makes you think she would totally be a Gryffindor, Paige Potter was sorted into the noble house of Ravenclaw. She earned her Masters in Managing Archaeological Sites from University College London's Institute of Archaeology--and yes, she does have an Indiana Jones fedora. While Paige could have easily chosen to spend her life hunting down horcruxes or running away from boulders, Paige loves working with museums and cultural centers. In her work both in the UK and in her native California, Paige finds engaging and innovative techniques to connect with visitors of all ages and manages projects that inspire communities. Rumor has it she is the inspiration for an upcoming modern Disney princess movie entailing a hunt for magic relics, dancing horses, spaceships, and a talking chipmunk.

Paige Potter

SVP Sales and Partnership Management

Mary has worked with museums and cultural attractions from Alaska to Australia, advising on the best digital strategy and content to engage visitors of all walks of life. Her educational background in Biological Anthropology and International Relations provides her with a unique understanding of humans as they relate to culture, and she applies her skills with great passion to every project she spearheads. Her expertise in user-testing and creative content workshops has been put to use at highly varied cultural sites like Sydney’s Hyde Park Barracks; Bethel Woods Center for the Arts – the Historic Site of Woodstock; The Institute of Contemporary Art Miami, and the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. Mary has been actively studying every facet of the visitor experience and even presented at MCN alongside other industry thought-leaders. She is not just a Sales Guru, but a reliable consultant bringing energy and passion to each new endeavor she undertakes.

Mary Kostell

SVP Digital Strategy and Customer Success

Jenna has been working in museums for nearly 20 years developing learning resources for audiences of all ages and abilities across analogue and digital platforms. She has produced content for everything from wall labels and audio tours to interactive kiosks, microsites, and open online courses. We are excited to have the opportunity to have her on the Guru team and to help refine and evolve a digital strategy to optimize the visitor experience and minimize the impact for our partners. Jenna has been on the museum side of the table for so many years, she understands the importance of building and sustaining an agile digital strategy while recognizing the unique opportunities and challenges facing cultural institutions; particularly in this moment.

Jenna Madison

Founder & Managing Director, Walden Capital

What do you get when you cross a passion for finding ground-breaking industry leaders, a mastery in leading investments across nations, and a deep-rooted love of museums and art galleries? You get Guru board member, Art Berliner! Art is the founder and managing director at Walden Venture Capital where he has spent the last few decades leading several IPO and M&A exits in the US, Israel, and Asia. Art has made investments in companies encompassing a variety of industries but is renowned for his expertise in consumer, retail and e-commerce business. When he isn’t looking for emerging industry talents, Art is perusing the galleries for new and emerging artists. We guess you could say, Art loves art. Contemporary art, to be exact. In fact, a favorite from his collection is a piece from Andy Warhol’s series “Ten Famous Jews of the 20th Century”, (Art likes to think of himself as the eleventh). Art lives in Berkeley with his family and his two fantastic rescue border collies.

Art Berliner

CEO, Balboa Park Online Collaborative

Nik Honeysett is CEO of the Balboa Park Online Collaborative, a technology non-profit consultancy that provides support, development and strategy for the museums in Balboa Park, San Diego and beyond. Previously, he was Head of Administration for the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California, ( overseeing budget, personnel, operational and administrative services across the Getty's two sites, in Brentwood and Malibu. Prior to this role, he lead the Getty's Web Group, responsible for all aspects of their main website, intranets and web development activities. Before moving to Los Angeles in 2000, he spent 12 years at Cogapp (, a UK-based consultancy specializing in the publication of interactive and online multimedia for the cultural sector in Europe and the USA. He is a former chair of AAM's Media & Technology Standing Professional Committee and their Standing Professional Committee Council. He currently sits on the boards of AAM (, the Museum Computer Network ( and Guru (, and teaches a course on the culture and management of museum technology through Johns Hopkins' Museum Studies Masters Program. He holds an undergraduate degree in Physics and a postgraduate degree in Electronics.

Nik Honeysett

Co-Founder, GoFundMe

Andy Ballester helped change the way the world gives when he co-founded GoFundMe in 2010. Since then, GoFundMe has helped raise over $6Billion dollars for medical expenses, education, community projects, sports, emergencies, pets and more, making it the largest online fundraising platform. But that’s not all Andy’s done to make the world a better place. He’s also co-founded Crushed, a restaurant in San Diego that specializes in brunch (drool!)...and mimosas (yes!)...lots of them (eek!). Seriously, just check out its Instagram account and you’ll see what has Crushed fans swooning, not to mention lining up every morning to get in. When he’s not crushing the brunch game, Andy spends his free time with his family, experimenting with virtual reality, or fostering a passion for creating products that drive change. Andy is as excited as we are about where Guru is heading in the AR/VR space.

Andy Ballester

Co-Founder, Bow Capital

Grady Burnett’s favorite letters of the alphabet are A, B, C, O, M, P, and V. Oh whoops, we got that wrong. Those aren’t his favorite letters, they’re acronym milestones of his career! He has been the VP of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook as well as of Agency Sales for DoubleClick. He was COO of Flurry, bought by Yahoo and has an MBA from Harvard. Those are definitely some impressive letters. Right now he is the co-founder of Bow Capital, using his experience and expertise to fuel the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs. Grady isn’t a big fan of tennis terms that is! Grady was a pro tennis player for three years! He is an ace addition to the Guru team and we are looking forward to seeing the insights he’ll be serving up on our board of directors.

Grady Burnett

Team Lead/iOS/PhoneGap Dev Guru

If Guru’s iOS team is a circus, then Anna is the ringleader––top hat, whip, and redcoat included. As a little girl, she used to sneak up behind her brother and watch him furiously type coded letters to his girlfriend...or at least that’s what Anna thought he was doing. It took some time, but eventually, Anna learned that what her brother was really dabbling in was the obscure art of programming. She became an iOS developer before anyone in Poland even knew what the word “iPhone” meant. Today, she runs the backend of Guru’s apps. Likes: Volleyball, Design, Apple

Anna Wawszczak

Web Developer Guru

Give him some craft materials and a little free time and our youngest backend developer will create colorful and miraculous artful works. Dominik's love for DYI helps with his incredible patience while maneuvering through the Django jungle and learning new things every day. Recently, he aspired to discover the Angular JS side of things.

Dominik Mrugalski

iOS Developer Guru

If you think Karol’s athletic build and rippling arm muscles are impressive, wait until he flexes his iOS developing skills. An avid weightlifter and cross fitter, Karol takes pride in both his physique and his work and can often be found writing lines of code right after volleyball training while sporting his ever-present post-workout woolen socks—yes, even in the summer. A fan of Apple since childhood, becoming an iOS developer has been a dream come true. Likes: volleyball, gym, photography, chess

Karol Kempa

iOS Developer Guru

Look up the word ‘lonewolf’ in the dictionary, and you’ll find a picture of Pawel next to it. ‘Teamwork’ is not in his vocabulary. Instead, he steps into the office, crawls to his desk, and immediately gets to work without so much as a ‘hello’ or ‘good morning.’ Whatever social skills Pawel lacks, he makes up for it in speed and efficiency. Give him an hour to do a project and he’ll finish it in fifteen minutes. But wait! Don’t you go giving him more stuff to do. Between tasks, Pawel likes to decompress by one of two ways: playing his guitar or taking a stroll through a forest. On his spare time, your best guess on where to find Pawel would be somewhere at the local national forest feeding squirrels and bathing with the birds by a stream. In short, he’s a freak of nature. Likes: motorbike, playing guitar, walking with his dog.

Paweł Pluskota

Android Dev/Tester Guru

Are you a coffee person? If you are, you already have 78.3 percent in common with Piotr. His office mantra is, “No coffee. No talkee.” (That may even be emblazoned on his mug.) Day and night, Piotr drinks, smells, and even sweats coffee. After coffee, his other loves in life are cooking, reading, developing apps, and even drinking the occasional glass of wine. (He failed to mention whether he’s a white or red person.) Likes: Coffee, cooking, books, wine

Piotr Stefani

iOS/Android dev Guru

Adrian is a Polish ninja turtle. He can only be pressed to do things if offered pizza. He’s not particularly fond of vegetables. He had his first carrot while working for Guru. (He said he liked it, but maybe not as a substitute for pizza.) He’s also not fond of the word ‘impossible.’ Give him a super challenging task, like debugging an app or picking trash, and he’ll get the job done. Likes: sleeping, watching tv, music, books.

Adrian Izdebski


If you combined an outdoor roller rink, bookstore, and movie theater into one multiplex of amazingness, you would probably find Sylwia there all the time! When she’s not keeping Guru apps in tip-top shape, Slywia spends her time outside rollerblading and cycling. When it’s cloudy and gray, Sylwia curls up inside with a good book, TV show, or movie.

Sylwia Terka


Asia likes making sure everything's in order and works as it should when it comes to apps...and her travels! A day off? Let's fly somewhere! Wanna make people jealous? Let's take a funky picture with a monkey climbing on our heads! All the while, Asia continues to make Guru apps better by testing functionality and keeping developers (and unsuspecting monkeys) on their toes!

Asia Wasilewska

Android Developer Guru

Jan is a true outdoorsman. When not in the office, squashing any droid bugs the development team might be dealing with, he enjoys being outside. Jan is an avid archer, and goes by the nickname of Robin Hood. When not shooting arrows, he loves to fish, leaving few carp uncaught from his local river.

Jan Królikowski

iOS Developer Guru

Did you ever dream of being a royal English knight in the days of yore? To sit in King Arthur’s round table with 20 other rowdy lads as you all reminisce about slaying dragons and orcs over pints of beer? Never had that dream? Well, our iOS developer, Krzysztof Podlejski, daydreams about this every day. In fact, he even owns a full set of armor. Whether the piece is authentic, his co-workers couldn’t say. But they can attest to Krzysztof sporting his armor in preparation of slaying some orcs in the multiverse of Warhammer 40k. Yes, that is a video game, which means he doesn’t actually slay real life beasts. To be fair, it’s the closest Krzysztof gets to live out his dream. After all, his day job as an iOS developer can only get so exciting. Likes: challenges, order, checkered shirts

Krzysztof Jabłoński